Choose To Be Healthy


Staying fit and healthy can seem far fetched to most people. What with daily activity and tight schedules, one begin to wonder how ‘those people who do’ find time to spend in the gym. Well here’s the thing, if you happen to not have the time for hitting the gym regularly or you just don’t have the inclination towards bone bending exercise, fitness and healthiness does not have to automatically become a pipe dream.

Trust me when i tell you that with proper diet and just a little (meager even) exercise to go with, you can not only have health at the palm of your hands but also possess that fit and attractive body that is to die for. All it takes really is a choice. You have to choose to start living a healthy lifestyle. You have to want that fit and attractive body, and above all you have to believe that it is achievable, that this is something you can do (because it is!).

If as motivation you need any more reason to choose today to start living healthy, then it might be good to know that keeping a good diet along with little exercise (not even the bone bending kind) can benefit you; Longevity, Improved cognitive and body health with increased resistance to sickness and diseases, Improved self confidence and higher energy levels, and believe it or not Improved Sex Life(probably why fit people are always smiling). fit-couple

Oh Yes. These and even more are the benefits you stand to gain from living a healthy life style and whoever or wherever you are, you can start right now with your perfect diet. Remember choose healthiness and believe that you can do it, because you actually can.

Star your proper diet now…

List of Things Dr. George Washington Carver Invented With Peanuts

He was born a slave, kidnapped as an infant with his mother, and re-sold into slavery in the deep South. Fortunately, George Washington Carver’s owner tracked him down — his mother was never found — and after slavery was abolished, raised and educated him. Carver went on to become a prolific artist, college educator, chemist, botanist and the man who raised the peanut from a lowly legume to a cash crop that helped save the South’s farming economy. His development of uses for the peanut run the gamut from soup to soap.

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